How to Use SlowHunch

The first step is to sign in or sign up. It's free.

Once you're signed in, click the "Create a new hunch" button to, well, create a hunch. Enter a title. Add something to the body. Attach some tags. It's that simple.

For images, we suggest using Imgur, a free image sharer. Link to it in the body of your hunch with the full url: "" not just "". It will then be clickable.

Having images hosted elsewhere reduces our server load and keeps the code simple.

Commenting on a hunch is just like leaving a blog comment. You know how to do it: simply click "Add a comment" and fill in some text.

Is SlowHunch for You?

If you want to be more innovative, creative or just like to generate ideas, the answer is "yes". For example, if you're a writer, use SlowHunch to run your ideas past others before they're fully formed. If you're a coder, you can use SlowHunch as a storehouse of code snippets you frequently use. Entrepreneurs can use the site to validate a product idea. You could even do informal A / B testing by putting your hunch to a vote.

If you're a consumer, you can use SlowHunch to suggest an improvement to a product or service. Just tag your hunch with the name of the product or company. They can then come to and search for "their tag".

What other uses can you think of for SlowHunch?

Your Idea Locker

Chris Brogan suggests making an "idea locker". In this blog post he says,

"I have way too many ideas and not enough time. For ideas that I think are awesome but I can’t get to in a timely fashion, I give them away. For ideas that I think I can launch in the next little while, I put them in my idea locker.

The result? My head clears of the idea. My thoughts refocus on the things that matter at present. I don’t split my attention. Simple idea, but it saves a lot of effort and a lot of wheel-spinning."

Use SlowHunch as your "idea locker with a twist". Instead of just storing your ideas, SlowHunch allows your ideas to roam freely. They'll be able to combine with other hunches and ideas. In this way, your ideas may evolve in unexpected and surprising ways. Remember this quote from Where Good Ideas Come From:

"When nature finds itself in need of new ideas, it strives to connect, not protect."